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Incarcerated to the maximum sentence with immigration detainer for not being a citizen and due to negligence of previously paid attorney. Jeffrey fought and won, revise and revoke sentence, detainer lifted and parole home. 3 years later ICE strip me from my wife and twin infants. Detained in federal jail, ICE charged me with their own crimes. 2 CIMT from past criminal convictions that were over ten years old. Jeffrey fought and won again. Past conviction revise for new trial, conviction thrown out and off my record. Released back to my family again. 2 years later, apply for citizenship with Jeffrey and after one year of intial application. Citizenship granted, oath ceremony at TD Garden. Jeffrey wins for me again. Like many people i made a lot of mistakes in life and try to fix everything myself without understanding the law trying to find easy way out. In the long run not being a citizen and having criminal convictions in your record despite jail sentences or not almost got me deported to a place i never set foot on. Not giving up the fight and losing faith is how i fought so long to get me to where Im at. I thank Jeffrey and everyone that was involve in his team from beginning to end. Thank you for picking up the collect calls to the visits inside and showing up at every court appointments. Thank you for fighting a long hard battle and for the support you gave me and my family. I am not scared of knowing that one day i can be torn from my family anymore because of you guys. Everything people read about immigration and criminal matters and laws. You can almost say Im a poster boy for it and I know Im not the only one. Jeffrey Rubin covers it all and will fight for you and your family like he did for me.

B. Ros

Revere, MA

Attorney Todd Pomerleau has been amazingly thorough, professional, and diligent throughout the months of my son’s court case. His attention to detail, knowledge of the law, and ability to make all of the steps clear to us had made the whole experience of working with him a great one.  We could not have had better representation.  Thanks again.


Weymouth MA

Attorneys Rubin, Pomerleau, and their team are amazing!  My brother had been battling with possible deporation for 8 years.  Jeffrey and his team were relentless.  There were many setbacks over the years, but this past 9/11/2012, my brother was sworn in at the TD Garden as a US Citizen.  My very young nieces can grow up with their father in the same country as them.  Thanks to them our family won’t be torn apart.


Revere, MA

Attorney Rubin saved my son from deportation and helped him to win his green card and lawful permanent residency.  Attorney Rubin’s hard work, determination, and honesty led to this successful outcome.  I thank G-d and Attorney Rubin that my son is still here in the United States with me.

Lucy C.