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Rubin Pomerleau – one of the only New England law firms to ever appear before the United States Supreme Court on an immigration case – is a dynamic, progressive law firm conveniently located in the heart of Boston’s Government Center. Recently appearing alongside the ACLU in federal court, Rubin Pomerleau obtained a landmark ruling declaring unlawful ICE’s detention practices. We have a national reputation for excellence, specializing in immigration and criminal defense.

We also speak Spanish and Portuguese. Please use the web site to learn more about the Rubin Pomerleau and how to contact us for the legal representation you deserve. If you or a loved one is accused of crime, needs post-conviction remedies, or faces immigration consequences such as deportation, we are here to offer our advice and counsel. Our clients have had charges ranging from life felonies, such as trafficking in kilograms of controlled substances, crimes of violence, and weapons offenses, to lower-level felonies and misdemeanors, including domestic violence and theft offenses, postal crimes, and operating under the influence of alcohol. Many others have faced mandatory or discretionary deportation or denial of citizenship. Attorneys Rubin and Pomerleau are skilled advocates, and will work with you to obtain favorable results and protect your rights.

Immigration Law

We provide all immigration services from business and family visas to defense in deportation proceedings. Asylum, special immigrant juvenile and family petitions have become a staple of our practice. An expert legal defense in the most complex deportation and UCIS hearings commands the attention of our firm. From the filing of a green card application to resolving why a delay has occurred, brings an international clientele to Rubin Pomerleau for the solution. With a clear understanding of the time needed for processing, the needed filing, and the UCIS procedures, Rubin Pomerleau have a keen understanding of how to best assist you in the modern web of immigration law.

Attorneys at Law


Rubin Pomerleau strive to provide exceptional representation and advocacy in all areas of immigration including family and employment based green cards.


We can help defend you in all types of Criminal Defense matters including drug cases, drunk driving, crimes of violence, and more.


We are fully qualified to argue your appeal in Massachusetts, Maine, and in the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals if necessary.


We fight for the rights of clients injured in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. We have an excellent track record for obtaining compensation for clients who have injuries imposed by others.

What Clients Say

“Attorney Rubin saved my son from deportation and helped him to win his green card and lawful permanent residency. Attorney Rubin’s hard work, determination, and honesty led to this successful outcome. I thank G-d and Attorney Rubin that my son is still here in the United States with me”.

Lucy C., Medford, MA

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